Sensation is currently prevailing over a Facebook page that has been opened up allegedly by the anti-talk faction of the United Liberation Front of Assam. The shocking part is that the page by the outlawed outfit has garnered large response from the youth.

People have not only expressed desire to join the ULFA-Independent outfit, but some have even uploaded their phone numbers on the page so that members of the outfit can directly call them up.

This Facebook page has made sensation throughout Assam. Meanwhile, ULFA-I has come out with a press release claiming that they have entered the realms of Facebook. The press release stated that the outfit does not see itself indulging in Facebook much, because it feels it limits the scope of its activities.

But it is noteworthy that the outfit stated that it would be releasing its press releases and other such statements through Facebook as well apart from regular communications with the media.

Meanwhile, Assam Police has moved the Facebook authorities to consider in blocking the Facebook page of the outlawed outfit.


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