After the massive protest launched by the locals of Dollungmukh under the banner of Dollungmukh Area Welfare Forum at Dollungmukh in Arunachal Pradesh’s Kamle district, Arunachal Governor BD Mishra assures the Dollungmukh delegation to visit the area and assess the ground situation as soon as possible.

This was stated by the Governor during a meet with a delegation of the Dollungmukh Area Welfare Forum and the All Dollungmukh Area Students Union in Itanagar yesterday. The delegation further submitted a memorandum highlighting their plight to the Governor listing three demands in the said memorandum.

Their demands include shifting of the firing range from Dollungmukh with immediate effect to a suitable place where there was no human habitat nearby, to not renew the 50 years lease agreement which expires in 2025 and to stop live bombing with immediate effect since it was causing health hazards to human health as well as animals.


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