A major train mishap was averted in Tripura due to immense presence of mind and act of bravery by a young man.

Due to incessant rain for the last few days, Tripura has witnessed many landslides and one such incident occurred on a railway track that connects Dharmanagar to Agartala which led to derailing of the track.

Surprisingly, the railway authorities had no clue about it. A train loaded with hundreds of passengers was running on the same track, and hearing the train signal, a young man Swapan Debbarma rushed out of his hut, took out a piece of cloth and started waving by standing on the track. Immediately the train was stopped and a major mishap was averted!

Swapan Debbarma not only saved lives of hundreds but also proved that one doesn’t need to wear a cape to become a hero. Meanwhile, Swapan’s efforts were acknowledged by Ace Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag who took to twitter to laud this brave act.


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