Man-elephant conflict continues to be a cause of concern in Assam. The situation in Nagaon district’s Rengbeng has become tense after a woman was trampled to death by a jumbo.

The woman identified as Malati Nayak was killed this morning when she went to take a bath at a nearby pond. Angry locals blocked the National Highway No 37 and protested against the authorities.

The protesters even did not let the police and flood relief teams to pass by as they sat on the road along with the victim’s body.

The protesting locals alleged that the elephant has been causing rampage in the area for a long time, but till date no efforts have been taken by the forest department to drive the elephant away.

The road blockade due to the protest caused a logjam of several vehicles for a long time. Only after a lot of deliberations, the protesters cleared the road.


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