Amidst vehement opposition to the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018, the Sikkim government today passed the Bill during the Ninth session of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

The objective of the bill is to ensure protection against alienation of the land holding of the ‘Sherpa community as indicated in the proposed amendment provision. This has been done with a view to ensure protection of the interest and land holding of the said section of the population.

However, the Apex Sherpa Association, Sikkim Denzong Sherpa Association terming the Bill as draconian has condemned the state government’s move to pass the bill and demanded to revoke its decision.

The opposition MLAs also opposed the move and urged the house to reconsider the decision. There have been growing demands that land owned by Sherpa community be brought under protection of Revenue Order No. 1 like the Bhutia-Lepcha communities.

Earlier various Sherpa organisations have made it clear that it will not accept inclusion in the land regulation and transfer bill if their demand of inclusion under Revenue Order No. 1 is not met with.


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