The 19 ACS-APS officials, who were arrested by the Dibrugarh Police yesterday will be produced before a Special Court today.

The Police are likely to seek a 14-day custody of the arrested officials before the Court. All the 19 officials including 7 women were arrested yesterday after summoning them for
handwriting test.

Dibrugarh Police have hinted that more arrests are likely to be made in the coming days.

Police had earlier identified 25 officers of the 2015 batch who had bribed APSC officials to get jobs through doctored answer scripts.

Out of those 25 officials, 13 were in Assam Civil Services, seven in Assam Police Services and the rest are in allied civil services.

On November 8, police arrested 16 civil services officials in this regard. Altogether a total of 63 persons have been arrested so far in connection with the APSC Cash-For-Job-Scam.

Former APSC chairman Rakesh Kumar Paul was arrested on November 4, 2016 after the arrest of its two members Samedur Rahman and Basanta Kumar Doley.

Meanwhile, all the 7 female arrested ACS-APS officials were kept at the Panbazar Women Police Station in the city last night.

The arrested female officers were at first made to undergo medical test before shifting them to the Panbazar Women Police Station.

The female officers include Barnali Das, Monika Terongpi, Sravasti Sen Gupta, Deepshikha Phukan, Pallabi Sharma, Mun Majumdar and Surjeeta Hazarika.

On the other hand all the other arrested male officers were kept at the Special Branch headquarters of Assam Police.

Police have not even allowed the arrested officials to consume food sent from their respective homes. Police made no exception and served regular meals as others in police custody.


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