The agitating Manipur University students attempt to take their protest to the state assembly on Monday as a means to mount pressure on their demand for the removal of VC AP Pandey met with stiff resistance from the authorities.

In a bid to prevent the assembly chalo march by the MUSU and other groups, the administration clamped curfew around a 500 km radius of the assembly premises and deployed police and para military men in strength, put up barricades, laid barbed wire coils and as gunmen in mounted vehicles kept watch.

Towards the afternoon, groups of students representing MUSU and DESAM did march towards the assembly, had minor clashes with the waiting security personnel and had to remain content with protesting at least 500 km way from where the proceedings of the monsoon session of the Assembly were going on.

Though the security arrangements successfully prevented the agitators from reaching the assembly, innumerable members of various organizations still took to the streets to protest against the alleged lacklustre attitude of the state government.

Besides members of the DESAM and MUSU, hundreds of common people also joined the ongoing protest. Several agitators, particularly women, took to the streets to protest to demand for an early solution to the ongoing stalemate.

Meanwhile,┬áThe All Manipur Students’ Union has also joined the series of protest today to press for removal of Manipur University Vice Chancellor AP Pandey. The AMSU is supporting the MUSU and various organisations which are seeking the removal of Vice Chancellor.


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