The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has approved a social custom that aims to strip a Khasi woman of her Scheduled Tribe status and her other privileges if she marries a Non-Khasi men.

According to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District, Khasi Social Custom of Lineage, Second amendment Bill, 2018, that was passed on Wednesday, the woman’s children will also be deemed as Non-Khasis.

KHADC chief executive HS Shylla has defended the new law stating that it is a step to protect the interests of the indigenous community and fight off the repercussions of mixed marriages in the face of immigration crisis.

The amended bill will apply even if a Khasi woman marries a man from any other tribe and not just non-tribals. The bill will not apply to mixed marriages which existed before the bill clarifying that it will not be a retrospective law.

A major reason put forward by the supporters of the amendment is to prevent claims of Khasi status by unscrupulous persons purely for constitutional benefits, concessions or privileges conferred on a Khasi.


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