Aspiring candidates of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, who opted for Geography, in the recently concluded preliminary examination of the APPSC this July 29th, gathered in front of the APPSC office today, protesting against the Commission’s negligence to provide accurate questions to the candidates in the exam.

The candidates are claiming that as many as 60 questions in the Geography paper have been copied from the 2014 CBSE NET examination. They further argued that the state civil service is a graduate level examination and not a PG level examination.

After submitting the points of their grievances to the Secretary of APPSCE, the secretary said that he will apprise the matter to the chairman and will update accordingly.

Meanwhile the students are also demanding for a re-conduct of the examination especially the optional papers for all subjects. They are also demanding for the resignation of the members of the APPSC along with the chairman.

Earlier, in November 2018 too, the commission had copy pasted the questions from Pakistan civil service examination.


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