Additional DGP Mukesh Agarwal informed that the TMC delegation comprising 5 MP’s a minister and an MLA has been put under preventive detention.

Senior police and district officials are still in discussion with the TMC delegation. Agarwal also informed that all facilities due to elected MP’s and MLA’s are being provided to the visiting TMC delegation.

Earlier, A 7-member delegation of the Trinamool Congress which landed at the Silchar airport today was barred from entering Silchar town by the district administration officials on grounds that the visit threatened to disrupt peace in the district.

As a preventive measure the administration had also clamped section 144 in the entire Cachar district to ensure that law and order does not take a hit.

However, upon arrival, the TMC team which comprised of 6 Members of Parliament and 1 party MLA challenged the move of the district administration and tried to force their way out.

A scuffle ensued between the lawmakers and the cops stationed in the airport in which two female personnel of the Assam police received injuries.

Relentless in their efforts to move out of the airport, the TMC team was also seen squatting on the airport premises.

Unable to convince the visiting TMC delegation to return, the police eventually arrested the 7-member delegation.

The visit of the Trinamool delegation to Assam to assess the impact of the NRC final draft publication follows the extremely provocative remark by party chief and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee that leaving out 40 lakh names of the NRC final draft will create a civil war-like situation in Assam.


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