Despite claims from different Indian agencies that Indo-Naga peace deal is very much in an advanced stage and the pact is likely to be signed any time, the Naga Hoho expressed apprehensions in a recent press release that it appears highly unlikely.

While stating that enough of negotiations and agreement have been done during the last 21 years of formal and informal political dialogues between the Naga political negotiators and the different Interlocutors on behalf of Centre, the Naga Hoho president Chuba Ozukum lamented that even then the Centre is unable to sign the peace Agreement, but is rather exhibiting an uncompromising attitude and flexibility on symbolic issues which are very dear to the Nagas.

Ozukum also said that the Manipur government is denying the rights to the Nagas living in the state and added here that ultimately they would have to raise the issue vociferously if the matter continues the way they are now.


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