Controversial Congress MP Shashi Tharoor now finds headgears worn by tribals in the Northeast “outlandish” and said Naga headgears are hilarious as they are full of ‘feathers’.

Addressing a seminar in Thiruvananthapuram with the theme ‘Standing up to hatred: Violence and intolerance in contemporary India.

Tharoor, trying to put the Indian Prime Minister in the dock for not wearing the muslim skull cap said and ‘Why does our Prime Minister who wears all sorts of outlandish headgear wherever he goes around the country, refuse to wear a Muslim skullcap? You’ve seen him in hilarious Naga headdress, feathers, and various kinds of extraordinary outfits. Why does he refuse to wear the green?

The Naga Hoho has slammed the Congress MP’s statement. Speaking to Northeast Live Editor in Chief Wasbir Hussain, Naga Hoho president Chuba Ozukum said Tharoor’s comment was hilarious and demanded an apology from the Congress leader over the remark.

Meanwhile, Nagaland chief minister took to Twitter and launched a scathing attack on Shashi Tharoor demanding an apology and withdrawal of his comment.

The Controversial MP later took to twitter to respond to BJP and refused to apologise. Tharoor, in his defence, wrote that his remark was not directed towards the usual ethnic headgear that nagas wear but to the fancy ones.


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