In a sensational development, the chief executive member of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Debolal Gorlosa has been accused of being directly involved in the 2007 assassination of Nindu Langthasa, then executive member of the council, and directing the elimination of Purnendu Langthasa, then CEM of the council.

The dramatic allegation has been made by one of the accused in the case Miput Rajiyung alias Action Dimasa during a hearing at the sessions court in Haflong on July 27th.

In his statement before the sessions judge, Action Dimasa, a former dreaded cadre of the DHD-J said that Debolal Gorlosa alias Daniel Dimasa had himself killed Nindu Langthasa while Gelamia, another DHD cadre, had killed Purnendu Langthasa under orders from Debolal Gorlosa.

In reply to a question by the judge as to how he was aware of these facts, Action Dimasa said, he was personally present at the place of occurrence on June 4, 2007.

Meanwhile, Nindu Langthasa’s son, Daniel Langthasa said that for 11 years the family has been awaiting justice and following the admission in court by Action Dimasa, the authorities should immediately arrest Debolal Gorlosa and launch a thorough probe into the matter.


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