North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council chief Debolal Gorlosa, who is already facing sensational allegations of killing a member of the council and orchestrating the murder of another in 2007 is now confronted with yet another charge.

The NC Hills Autonomous Council chief has been charged of allegedly threatening the jailed accused in the case who has turned approver.

A letter dated July 26th addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court has now surfaced in which the jailed accused turned approver
Miput Rajiyung alias Action Dimasa has levelled some more allegations against Gorlosa.

In the letter, Action Dimasa claimed that Gorlosa has been threatening him and his family ever since he has turned approver.

Dimasa further alleged that Gorlosa had sent emissaries to meet him at the Guwahati Central Jail where he is lodged and that during a hearing at Haflong court on July 6, Dimasa was threatened that his family members would be eliminated if he provided any evidence against Gorlosa.

Action Dimasa in his letter urged the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court to take necessary action as he was feeling insecure.

Earlier, addressing media persons on Sunday, Gorlosa had termed allegations levelled against him as political conspiracy.


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