The Morigaon police have arrested Khairul Islam a declared foreigner who was found to be engaged in the process of updating the National Register of Citizens.

Earlier, Northeast Live had aired reports that Islam who was declared foreigner by the Gauhati High Court and the Morigaon foreigners tribunal was employed at the Mikirbhata NRC Seva kendra in the Morigaon district.

The Gauhati High Court in June this year upheld the earlier decision of the Morigaon Foreigners’ Tribunal and declared Khairul and his family members as foreigners. Khairul Islam, his mother, 3 brothers and his sister were declared as foreigners by the court.

The high court had also directed the public prosecutor to apprise the Election commission of India, NRC state co-ordinator, Morigaon foreigners’ tribunal, deputy commissioner of Morigaon, superintendent of Border police regarding the court ruling.

Shockingly, despite this, Khairul was employed to update the final draft of the NRC.


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